Earth, air, sun, rain: our products are born from here

Our mission is to obtain products of the highest quality, completely grown and harvested by hand, in the best uncontaminated lands of Italy. Our extra virgin olive oil comes from trees that grow on the hills and mountains of Molise, where heaven and earth come together in wild and breathtaking landscapes.


Our production is exclusively seasonal. We follow the rhythms of nature without making any changes. We have a profoundly "green" idea, respectful of flora and fauna. We use the most ancient and traditional methods of cultivation, favoring everything that can be produced by hand instead of with polluting machinery, with great attention to the protection of the ecosystem.


Extra virgin olive oil, of superior quality, cold pressed, unfiltered, from Molise olives grown naturally without any chemical intervention and harvested by hand, pressed as soon as they are harvested. Blend from Nera di Colletorto, Gentile di Larino and Leccino. With a flavor delicate and balanced, with refined and intense notes. Suitable for all dishes and for all ages. 
Glass bottles: 250 ml., 500 ml., 750 ml.
Tin cans: 5 Liter

Vietri ceramic bottles

Artistic bottles from Vietri sul Mare, ceramic hand-painted in limited edition for Azzolino Art Gallery
On sale at the art gallery. Price: € 60

Who we are:
Dott. Francesca Nazzaro Azzolino
Mr. Asbjoern Nielsen

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